5 effective tips to lose weight without dieting and exercicing

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If you're like me , always trying to lose weight and you tried so many diets but they didn't really work,  you lose a couple of pounds and than you gain them back , then this post is very
 important for you to read .
 Personally , I hate exercicing , i know it's imporatnt and it's the best way to keep your body healthy , but it's not my thing ! i hate going to the gym and i hate sweating . but i really
want to become someone who loves to go to the gym , because i really love taking care of my health and body ! when it come to food , trying so many different diets made my body very weak and i was feeling exhausted all the time . so i decided to stop dieting for good . instead , i made a reasearch about things that would help me lose weight without dieting . i tried somethings , some worked , some didn't and now i'm gonna share with you what really worked for me and made me lose weight :

1. Drink WATER :
and i mean lots and lots of water , i'm sure you heard of this tip already , but i need to say it again , it's the most important tip of all ! you can lose up to 4 pounds a week if you drink at least 2 littres of water per day . Plus , it keeps your body hydrated and healthy , and you'll feel so energized !

2.Lemon water :
Drink lemon water everyday in the morning before breakfast, make it your daily detox drink!!!   it boosts your metabolisme which will help you lose weight ,and  it  also boosts your immune systhem ,and cleanses it and it gives you an energy that you'll need to start the day !

3.Tea :
Tea is my favorite drink , it's delicious and healthy , usaually , i drink tea after every meal , not right away though , i drink it after 30 minutes of each meal ! Tea is one of the best drinks that would help with losing weight .

4.Vinegar :
try to use more vinegar in your food , espacially apple cider vinegar , Apple cider vinegar has long been considered beneficial when it comes to keeping your weight down .

5.Walk :
15 min of walking everyday is really important , it's easy to do , it dosn't take much time and it really helps with losing weight ! 15min is all you need !

I promise , if you try these five tips everyday for two weeks , you'll lose at least 10 pounds and you'll feel so much healthier  !
and please keep in mind , that we all come in different body shapes and sizes  and we're all different , and that difference is a blessing , Every human being in this earth is unique and beautiful in his own way ! losing weight should be something that'll make you feel better about yourself and will make you healthier, if you're someone that is struggling with weight or want to be in a good shape but for those of you that are comfortable with their bodies just the way they are , over weight or not  and they feel healthy and happy , then there is absolutly no reason for you to lose weight !
Be who you are , enjoy your life and be confident .

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