6 tips on how to have a healthy lifestyle

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We all want to have a healthy lifestyle ,and want to maintain a certain balance in our lives !
Having a great lifestyle and changing bad habbits that are effecting our life negatively can make us happy and more productive ! We can really enjoy our lives and live to the fullest if we feel great .
A lot of successful people , are successful because they changed their lifestyl and worked hard .
So here are some tips that helped me achieve a healthy lifestyle that i'm proud of :

1.Eat healthy :
This is an obvious one , but actually this is the most important one !
"You are what you eat " , if you eat good , you feel good ! you're gonna feel ten times more energized , healthy and you'll have fun taking care of your body and nurturing it with great food .

2.Go out with your friends : 
Go out with your friends more than you usually do ! why ? 
talking with friends and catching up can make your day and change your mood .
But try to go out with friends with good visions , who are positive and who will support you and lift you up ! you don't wanna be surrounded with fake friends or people who only like to gossip !

3.To do lists :
I always make to do lists every month , and a bucket list every year !
before , i used to make to do lists but never stick to them , now i learned how to tackle any task .
I simply motivate myself on a daily bases , i try to achieve small goals , so i can achieve a bigger one ! to do lists will help stay organized and motivated ! i'm proud to say that  i have achieved 70 % of my 2017 bucket list , yaaaay ! trust me it's a really good feeling to feel that you achieved your goals ! 

4. Take care of yourself :
Go to the gym , take care of your skin , your nails , drink water , use home made remedies ....
pamper yourself every week ! you are your priority .

5. Try to learn something new everyday :
try to learn little new thing everyday , like how to train a dog , or how to cook , try new recipes ,try to learn how to paint or write or how to edit videos .... anything ! that way , their will be no routine in your life and you will learn a lot .

6.Gratitude :
Feeling greatful , is what really going to change your life for good ! wake up every morning and try to think about at least 3 things that you are greatful about ! that way you'll feel full of positives vibes , peaceful , happy and thankful for the life you have !

Last extra tip : Try to travel once a year ! it'll help you learn a lot about other people and cultures and about yourself , it'll make you more tolerante and a worldwide citizen !


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  1. Thank you for the tips.. really amazing tips..


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