About Me


A lot of people spent a big part of their lives trying to figure out  , what is it that they wanna do in life , what is their purpose , their passion and who they are !
now , i am only 20 but trust me i struggled being a teenager , i didn't know who i was , i couldn't figure out what my passion or talent is .. i was completely lost !
Ever since i was a little girl , i was always interested in everything that had to do with beauty, but i wasn't sure that fashion was my passion .... UNTIL NOW !
it all became clear now .. i don't just like fashion , i love it and i can't imagine having a career in any other field ! it took me a while to make sure that this is what i want ! i am always trying to come up with new make up looks , i like to do my friends' makeup and i get asked a lot about my opinion when it comes to styling ... and i enjoy that !!! and now i made this blog , so i can share with you my passion ! so , get ready for tones of make up looks and tips , glamorous style ideas and lots of fun things!
Oh .. and remember ... YOU are so beautiful in and out !

Welcome to my world
Stay Tuned
XO , Malak

Favourite quote :
"You only get in life what you have the courage to ask for "
-Oprah Winfrey

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