How to look luxurious

6:27 PM

looking luxurious , well dressed and full of confidence is basically what we all want , don't we ?
you can turn heads around and be the center of attention .
But , you don't have to be rich to look luxurious , there is some few tips and tricks to do , that are totally on a low budget .
Now the whole point of this post , isn't totally about looks only . For exemple when i get dressed in the morning , looking luxurious , i feel ten times more confident and motivated , and when you feel confident , you look confident , and that's really important when it comes to your relationships with others .

 "Confidence is key. Sometimes you need to look like you're confident even when     you're not  " - Vanessa Hudgens

So here are some few tips on how to look luxurious/expensive : 

1. Big sunglasses :
Just like celebrities , Big shades makes you look mysterious in an intresting way . People would want to know more about you ! and you'll definitly get some attention .

2. A golden watch :
You don't have to wear a watch made of real gold . what is the purpose when you can find a lot of beautiful shiny golden /rose gold watches out there that are affortable and much cheaper !

3.Nice nails :
When you take care of your nails nicely , fake or real nails , tall or normal length , whatever you're comfortable with it dosn't matter as long as your nails are looking healthy and polished !
when my nails are tall and looking good , i feel more powerful , i don't why though , i just do . don't you feel the same way sometimes ? leave a comment telling me whether you do or not <3

4.Phone cases :
Phone cases make your phone looks cool and adds a girly , luxurious touch to it !
Your phone will not only be just a phone , it will be turned into one of your accessories .

5.Jacket on the shoulders : 
we've seen many celebrities do this trick , it's very glamourus and makes you look like a VIP .

6. Low hair bun :
a low hair bun makes you look very professional , elegant and luxurious , style it with shiny earings and you'll look perfect !

I hope you find these tips useful , and tell me if you're already using one of these tricks <3


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  1. Phone cases and a Golden watch are my fav tips!
    But a low bun a tailored jacket can make magic ;)

  2. I agree a fresh mani, nice sunnies, and great accessories make a look!

  3. Your text is beautifully written.. thanks for sharing these tips��


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